Meet the McClains

Dustin and Allie McClain have been married for six and a half years and have two kids, Conlee, five, and Brex, one. From leading teams at summer camp to full-time student and pastoral ministry, Dustin and Allie have consistently demonstrated a love for God and a love for people. After serving together in ministry for eight years, God has placed a call in their hearts to plant a life-giving church that shares the hope of Jesus in Murray, Kentucky, and beyond. The town where they met, fell in love, and eventually married is now the home to Purpose Church. Dustin & Allie also are the proud owners of McClain Family Farms, LLC. where Dustin serves as a contract chicken grower and Allie owns a local boutique (2 Chicks & A Farmer) in neighboring Mayfield, Kentucky.

A letter from the McClains…


That’s a question we get asked a lot, and for good reason.

Murray is a beautiful small town filled with amazing people, Racer pride, beautiful scenery, rich tradition, art, and culture. However, research shows that it’s also a broken town. A quick Google search reveals gut-wrenching social statistics on poverty, crime, segregation, addiction, and the rapid decline of church engagement in the next generation.

While our hearts break when we see statistics like that, we passionately believe that the local church is the hope of the world. Specifically, we believe that the local church is the hope of Murray, Kentucky.

We believe that the presence of a life-giving local church can turn those numbers upside down, that the Gospel is the answer to every negative statistic, and that the light of Jesus shines brightest in darkness. When we see those numbers, we don't see an obstacle, we see an opportunity. We see a setup for God to do what only He can do.

Allie and I commit our lives to helping people realize that they were created on purpose, with a purpose, for a purpose. Our calling is loud, our hearts are full, our commitment is strong, and our vision is clear. We won’t stop until every person goes on a spiritual journey where they connect with Jesus and live their lives on purpose.

We know this is going to be hard. But we also know that people are lost, lonely, broken, forgotten, hungry, hurting, empty, hopeless, and in need. We have a solution. We have an answer. We have hope. We have purpose, and His name is Jesus.

Thank you for your encouragement, for your continued support, and for believing in the dream that God has placed in our hearts. Let’s change the world!

We love and appreciate you!


Dustin and Allie McClain